Initial Investment

The initial investment can be under $100,000. When you think of starting your own business and the value compared to other industries, the A Place at Home model provides essentially four companies for the same cost as one due to its various revenue streams. We include a Financial Performance Representation in our FDD, called Item 19, and this document will be disclosed to qualified candidates.

Open Territory

A Place at Home is an emerging brand offering the ability of franchisees to pinpoint their market segment and the territories that match.  Currently, there are open territories across the United States. Locations should contain a minimum of 30,000 qualified residents (a qualified resident is an individual over the age of 65 that resides within the operation territory). Qualified residents should indicate the location has a viable client base and be a strong indicator of the workforce to properly service the population.

Royalty Structure

The royalty structure was developed to encourage the individual franchises to be successful.  With a de-escalating royalty structure, the higher the yearly revenue, the less royalties are paid. Current royalty percentages are as follows:

  • 5.5% – Up to $999.999
  • 5.0% – $1 million to $1.5 million
  • 4.5% – + $1.5 million in sales

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Initial investors/owners of franchises will enjoy discounted rates on the purchase of their business. In addition, veterans and those with qualifying experience will be offered discounts on their investment.

Specialized packages
Franchisees will receive Credentialing and Licensing packages to help establish additional pay sources and assist with licensure and regulatory needs.

Royalty payout
For the first six months of operations, there is no minimum royalty fee due.

Finance Options

Are you financing the purchase of your company? There are many ways to do this.  The founders of the company have always taken pride in helping families discover ways to pay for care, and they can help you uncover the options available to help potential franchisees realize the goal of owning their own business. From Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, to traditional bank loans, special programs for veterans, and other unique programs, there are financing options for most anyone looking to purchase a franchise.  

Use the Benetrends financial calculator to see what you can afford.

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