8 Steps to Opening an A Place at Home Franchise

A Place at Home is dedicated to awarding the franchise system to individuals that best fit our culture, mission, and values. Our promise to our franchise owners, and seniors is that we will not award a franchise to an individual that we feel will not succeed in providing the best care. We have a strict process that not only allows you to learn about us, but we also want to learn about you.

Step 1: Fill out the form on this site

Once you have reviewed our website and determined that you want to learn more about this senior care franchise fill out a contact form by clicking on the link above. You will receive an email from us with a 35-minute video attached to it and more information on the industry that you are interested in pursuing. You can share this video with potential partners, family members, investors and others who can help you decide if this is the right franchise for you.

Step 2: Schedule Initial Phone Call

This phone call can take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. During this call we want to know about you and why senior services. Followed with a few basic questions to learn if you are able to open an A Place at Home franchise. Ending with a Q&A on the video that you received. Once the call is complete we will have a good understanding of who you are and if your values fit our values.

Step 3: Complete the Request for Consideration Form and Financial Validation

We have had the conversation and you have determined you want to be considered for this opportunity and territory. We too, want to learn about you further. During this step, you will fill out a brief questionnaire so that we can learn even more about you as a person. There are financial questions that will be asked on a very basic level to ensure the investment is realistic for you. Lending options are available and this will assist us in connecting you with the appropriate lenders if needed.

Step 4: Issuance of FDD and Territory Review Call

During this step, you will be receiving our most up to date Franchise Disclosure Document. In addition to receiving the document, we will review the critical items any prospect should know when reviewing this document. We want to review item 7, which is the itemized initial investment, along with item 19 our financial performance. Ending with a draft of your territory offering.

Step 5: The Are you CARE interview with an executive

CARE stands for Compassionate – Service with sensitivity and understanding, Accountable – Do what you say, Respectful– treat others as you want to be treated, Ethical– Take action if it feels wrong. This is your chance to shine with an executive of A Place at Home. Ask them solidifying questions, and in turn, they will ask you solidifying questions that should draw the conclusion that you are CARE.

Step 6: Business Plan

What is your plan? We are going to dive right into the A Place at Home model and with the previously-researched knowledge of your local territory, we are going to assist you in building a strong strategy based on the experiences we have endured over the years. If you read our story the two founders, Dustin and Jerod, entered one of the most competitive markets in senior care AND had zero experience in healthcare. They demonstrated the CARE values to every senior, referral source and staff member to grow it to where it is today. In addition to their experience, now it is time for you to call our franchise partners. Although you may have lots of questions for them, we ask our franchise partners to ask questions of you and provide us with feedback. We are a family and we want to make sure everyone in our family has input.

Step 7: Discovery Day

You are ready to see it for yourself and now it is time to fly to the heartland, Omaha, NE. You will spend an evening with the executives over dinner with their families. The following day you are going to meet their extended family at the very first A Place at Home. This is home to over 100 employees and you are going to meet a handful of different positions that your location can grow too. During this day you are going to experience the We are CARE culture.

Step 8: Franchise Agreement

After discovery day the team will discuss thoughts and if you made it this far you more than likely will be extended a formal invitation to become the next A Place at Homeowner. It’s time to celebrate and take a breathe the process is over. The breathe will last a day and then the fun really begins.

Dustin Distefano, CEO and Co-founder of A Place at Home 

Jerod Evanich, President and Co-founder of A Place at Home