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Ideal Owner

Ideal owners should possess a passion to own a senior-focused care company that largely stems from personal experience of caring for those who need care.  This can include those who have a background in the medical or senior care field; been impacted by a senior; possess the desire to be part of a movement to provide a higher level of senior care; or someone looking for a career change that will make a difference in the quality of life of others.

The “We are CARE” philosophy should align with their own personal objectives and a willingness to incorporate these values into their every day role as A Place At Home owners as well as everyday interactions with clients and their team. There should be an innate desire to network and build relationships within the community with the intent to grow the business and take on competitors while constantly driving to greatness.

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8 Steps to Becoming a Franchise Partner

A Place at Home is dedicated to awarding the franchise system to individuals that best fit our culture, mission, and values. Our promise to our franchise owners, and seniors, is that we will not award a franchise to an individual who we feel does not fit our “We are CARE” culture. Read below to understand the journey we will go through to find out if A Place at Home is the right franchise for you.

Step 1: Request More Information

Once you have reviewed our website and determined that you want to learn more about the A Place at Home senior care franchise fill out the contact form. You will receive an email that includes a short, 30 minute educational video. The video provides additional information on the senior care industry and A Place at Home. Feel free to share this video with potential partners, family members and/or investors.

Next Steps

Step 2: Schedule Initial Phone Call

During this initial call, we will answer any questions you may have about A Place At Home, but we also want to know about you and why senior care. The goal of the call is to both have a good understanding of one another and if you would make  a good A Place at Home franchise partner.

Step 3: Complete the Request for Consideration Form and Financial Validation

After the call and the determination that we’re a good match the next step involves filling out a request for consideration form and financial validation. These are brief questionnaires to confirm the franchise partnership is a financial reality.  Note A Place at Home is SBA approved and lending options are available, this will assist us in connecting you with the appropriate lenders if needed.

Step 4: Issuance of FDD and Territory Review Call

During this step you will be receiving our most up to date Franchise Disclosure Document. In addition to receiving the document, we will review the critical items any prospect should know when reviewing this document. We want to review item 7, which is the itemized initial investment, along with item 19 our financial performance. Ending with a draft of your territory offering.

Step 5: Are you CARE? Interview with an Executive

As you’ve seen from our website, CARE stands for Compassionate – Service with sensitivity and understanding, Accountable – Do what you say, Respectful– treat others as you want to be treated, Ethical– Take action if it feels wrong. This is your chance to leave a lasting impression with an A Place at Home Executive team member. 

Step 6: Business Plan

What is your plan?  If you recall, A Place at Home’s founders story, Dustin and Jerod, entered one of the most competitive markets in senior care AND had zero experience in healthcare. They did have a strong sales and marketing background and demonstrated the CARE values to every senior, referral source and staff member, resulting in tremendous and rapid growth. Now is the time for you to call an A Place at Home franchise partner.  Call with questions about the process and what kind of support you can expect from us? But also be ready for some questions for you. A Place at Home franchises are like a family and we value our current franchisees input.

Step 7: Discovery Day

Are you ready to see a local A Place at Home branch in person? Now it is time to fly to the heartland, Omaha, NE. After you arrive, you’ll have dinner with the Executive team. The following day, you’ll get the opportunity to see the founding branch in action. This is home to over 100 employees and we look forward to showcasing our team.  Towards the end of discovery day, a decision will be made regarding offering a franchise agreement.

Step 8: Franchise Agreement Signing

It’s time to celebrate and take a breathe the process is over. The breathe will last a day and then the fun really begins.

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