CARE Track

Making Great People Successful Owners

The CARE Track is a senior-focused development program that provides franchisees with the education and tools to grow and develop their A Place at Home franchise.  With the “We are CARE” model serving as a basis for the program, franchisees will learn how to:

  • Run a senior-focused business
  • Provide necessary care to clients
  • Operations and Marketing
  • A Place at Home in action
  • Ongoing support

In addition, franchisees will attend a hands-on 40 hour training program at the flagship location and receive ongoing support through site visits and consultations.

Run a senior-focused business

Franchisees will become familiar with the resources and data necessary to grow and develop their business through reducing turnover and increasing referrals.  An integral part of the program is the use of satisfaction surveys that use actual client and caregiver feedback to provide insight into the business. Learning how to utilize these powerful tools provides an accurate picture of client and caregiver satisfaction month after month allowing the business to recognize areas that are strong and the areas that need improvement.

Provide necessary care to clients

Training on all aspects of employee’s roles is a critical step in understanding the unique role each employee plays in the overall business. One of the foundations of the company is the belief that in order to run a successful care business, owners and management must understand what the field staff does on a daily basis. This is accomplished by going through the same training processes as each individual employee.  Franchisees will complete specialized training programs that include modules on:

  • Essential CARE
  • Personal or Individual CARE
  • Med CARE
  • Administrative
  • Franchisee or Office Management

The training programs are also the programs that eventually all employees will take for their specific role in the company.  This not only ensures that all employees are properly trained, but also assures that the business owner understands the specific roles of their employees, and in turn, creates a more positive and educated workforce.

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Operations and Marketing

How well a company handles its day-to-day operations as well as its ability to market themselves are keys to the overall success of a business. Franchisees will learn how to utilize the scheduling software, keep track of financials, manage payroll, plan and market the company and its services as well as other integral functions of the business including


  • Daily management
  • Policies and Procedures
  • On-boarding new clients
  • Service coordination
  • Human Resources
  • Recruiting
  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Managing
  • Developing
  • Retaining


  • Sales strategy
  • Presentations
  • Marketing materials
  • Website
  • SEO and SEM
  • Social Media
  • PR

A Place at Home in Action

One of the most unique aspects of preparing new owners for operating their own A Place at Home franchise is the 40 hour training session at the flagship location in Omaha, Nebraska.  Here, owners will interact with the staff and understand how the day-to-day business actually runs through a combination of classroom and on-the-job training. The specialized training program allows new owners specific insight into all aspects of running a franchise, and with a hands-on approach to learning, owners will feel confident at the end of the session that they are well-prepared to open the doors to their new business.

Ongoing Support

We understand how important it is to have someone to turn to when there are questions. That’s why part of the CARE Track includes access to the company founders, consultations and on-site visits.  The relationship that is forged through this level of communication and support not only provides owners with the confidence that they can run their business, but also that they can build a successful business.

Our Guarantee

Commit 100% to CARE Track and you will service a client in the first 90 days post launch or we will waive your first 6 months of royalties.

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