Discovery Day, Franchisee’s Make the Most of It

Owning your own business gives you the ability to be your own boss. Escaping corporate America and the ‘rat race’ to run your own business is a common dream. Sadly, many people don’t take the chance. This is certainly understandable starting a business is hard, and building up a customer base, so a business that is self-supporting can take years. This is why franchises are so useful you gain access to a proven business model and a prebuilt target market which increase your chance of success. The franchise process is an involved one and one of the most import parts of the franchise process is Discovery Day.

Discovery Day And Making The Most Of It

  • Be Selective:

    It takes time and money to attend a Discovery Day event so only attend those that truly interest you. Be cautious about the franchises that are pushing you to attend before they even get to know you. The best franchises will invite you after they have vetted your qualifications.

  • Listen:

    An important part of the franchise process is the ability to follow directions and execute the business model. Many franchises are highly specific in the steps and process they want followed. Most franchises are built on very well developed, successful, and tested systems so take notes.

  • Pay Attention:

    Discovery Days can have a lot to learn as they are busy events, however, stay focused as many franchise executives watch to see if you’re paying attention. You want to impress but remember one mistake is unlikely to cost you a franchise opportunity as executives understand the human element too.

  • Be Organized And Be Honest:

    Be ready to answer questions to show you have done your research. Before attending a Discovery Day many franchises send suggested reading and other materials be sure to review them carefully. Show decisiveness in your answers, ask questions about the franchise and be honest.

Final Thoughts   

It is important to remember that Discovery Day is a two-way street. While you are certainly evaluating franchisors and what they offer they are also evaluating you as a future franchise partner. To truly make the most of a Discovery Day treat it like the opportunity it is. Prepare in advance, dress the part, and show the franchisor why awarding a franchise to you is an opportunity for them. Remember franchises are built off driven people just like yourself. Want to learn more about A Place at Home’s discovery day event?