Finding Builders Not Buyers

Lets keep the emerging brand conversation going. Recently we wrote about the “5 Benefits of Joining an Emerging Brand”.  We got great feedback on it, so let’s keep that theme going.

Today, we want to share with you a key characteristic that potential franchisees must possess when joining an emerging brand.

In today’s franchise development game, A Place at Home could sign up with multiple lead portals (essentially online leads sold to franchisors) that would provide to us hundreds of leads. We could engage franchise consultant firms that have hundreds of consultants that will put A Place at Home in their inventory. You get the idea, we can find buyers!

That said, as an emerging brand, and when you are in the “award the first ten” mode, you cannot be looking for “buyers,” this is where discipline is huge. You need to find “builders,” people who have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Some established brands feel that true entrepreneurs make more challenging franchisees. These individuals come in with ideas and ways to innovate, but the large system does not need that.These franchises have solidified what works for their organization. A Place at Home views it differently, we need, and want, entrepreneurs. We need people to come in with ideas and passion to grow the system. They can’t be good; they have to be great.   Our future partners have to bleed “We are CARE.”

When we awarded George Bradley and Grace Bradley the very first A Place At Home franchise we asked them what their 10 year plan included? Their answer BLEW US AWAY! We thought they were going to say $5M in annual sales per location (they are going to have multiple units) and be the preferred senior care provider in Denver. Instead that was the second half of the answer. The initial comment, “Our 10 year goal is to be presented in front of the entire system’s franchise convention as the pioneers of A Place at Home.” It was during this conversation that Jerod and I solidified our belief that this is the attitude A Place at Home needs to succeed. So we have made it a point to remain disciplined and find the builders. People we know have the entrepreneurial spirit, have a passion for senior care, and bleed the “We are CARE” culture.

The famous Mister Rogers once said, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

Business ownership is a scary thing to jump into alone, but as A Place at Home  franchise partner you will get our 110%. We ask that as one of our first 10 you help us “build” to become the best senior care system in North America.

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