Senior-Focused Care

Senior-focused care is a model that provides a continuum of services to the senior population in a manner that is consistent and reliable for each phase of the aging process. By offering services that address the varying needs of seniors, A Place at Home positions itself to become a trusted partner in the senior’s overall care. The well-rounded portfolio of services allow franchisees to recognize revenue from multiple revenue streams.

Compared to competitors, who are home care focused, APH is senior focused. We help seniors navigate ALL options by constructing a continuum of care that best suits the senior. Our services include:

In Home Care

We believe that aging doesn’t have to mean moving away from the place where you feel safe and comfortable.  There are ways to make everyday living easier. An AARP study found that 3 in 4 seniors want to stay at home for as long as possible, proving that in home is a critical and needed factor in the senior care industry.

Our in-home care options allow seniors to live safe and independent lives in the comfort of their own homes. With passionate caregivers who receive continuous training on healthcare trends, techniques, and professional excellence, you can be assured that the care you are receiving is delivered with a high level of professionalism and the same level of compassion that you would expect from a family member. Caregivers are led by a staff professional who is available at all times so that you nor the caregiver are ever alone.

Companion Care

Companions provide assistance to seniors with everyday things such as transportation, hobby maintenance, stimulating mental awareness, errands, mail, help with social media interaction with family, and any other non medical need.  Seniors look forward to the visits from their new friends and we find that these relationships established between the companion and senior are mutually satisfying.

Home Care Services

Caregivers provide help around the house with such things as dusting, laundry, bed making, meal preparation, and other household chores. Much like the other in-home services, seniors know they can rely on a friendly face to come visit and take care of household tasks. Caregivers receive the same reliable training as the other in home services, and the services can be combined to assure that the senior is being taken care of according to their individual care plan.

Personal Care

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) have specialized training for personal and restorative care.  They provide assistance with activities of daily living, Alzheimer’s/dementia care, grooming and personal care, as well as serving as a reliable senior care companion. This level of care is ideal for seniors who need a higher level of help due to injuries or health that limits them from everyday functions.  Seniors still enjoy the company of our caregivers but know that they can rely on them for the things that can make day-to-day living difficult.

Medication Administration

Certified Medication Aides (CMAs) administer medications via various routes ensuring seniors are taking their medications according to doctor’s orders. The service is especially beneficial to those with Alzheimer’s or other dementias and provides families with the peace of mind that their loved one’s medication is safely and correctly administered.

Personal Care and Medication Administration services are guided by our team.  In these roles, a staff professional performs an initial assessment and creates a care plan for the client.  The CNA or CMA is then trained on the specifics for that client to ensure consistent and accurate care. Our team continues to play a role in the client’s care by working with staff regarding the senior’s care and performing 60-day follow up assessments throughout the care of the client.

**Disclaimer – Not all states can provide medication services, in such states we can provide medication reminders as an alternative**

Care Coordination

Our Care Coordination Service is unique in the senior home care industry.

We understand it can be difficult to coordinate medical appointments and interact with multiple healthcare providers while feeling confident that you are represented to the fullest extent. Oftentimes families and seniors have a good handle on the many aspects of care, but there are times where it would be helpful to have someone in the medical field attend appointments or explain more complicated diagnoses and health care options. That’s why A Place at Home developed our Care Coordination service.  

Care Coordination was designed to advocate for you. We can come to your home, physician’s office, pharmacy, or hospital to provide understanding, clarity and recommendations to ensure that you are receiving the highest level of continued health and wellness. This professional suite of services includes healthcare advocacy and navigation, benefit assistance and interpretation, transition assistance, and medication management.

Healthcare Navigation

This service can encompass as much or as little help that is needed, including attending doctor’s appointments; coordinating specialists and surgeries; working with families to interpret results and recommendations; reviewing and discussing treatment options; and creating a healthcare portfolio to ensure a senior’s needs are understood and can be incorporated as part of the day-to-day care. With concierge care, our professionals also can review and assist with interpreting long term care insurance and veteran benefits.

Transition Assistance

After a surgery or release from a hospital or rehabilitation, our professionals assist families with getting back to their daily lives. Performing an assessment of the types of help a senior may need from grab bars, to specialized medical equipment, to needs for daily care and the everyday function of the household, seniors are assured that their return home will incorporate physician’s orders to allow for the highest level of health and wellness.

Medication Management

Numerous medications and administration times can become confusing and cumbersome. Our professionals work with pharmacists to pick up the medications, ensure they are correct, and fill medication sets.  The company professionals provides set-up visits to ensure seniors receive the correct medications per doctor’s orders and that medications are safely secured.

**Disclaimer – Not all states can provide medication services, in such states we can provide medication reminders as an alternative**

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Senior Living Alternatives

Part of the continuum of care model includes recognizing that sometimes seniors may need to find the next place to call home. The need may stem from health, finances, or simply because it feels like the right time, but oftentimes finding the right community that suits the needs of the senior can be a confusing and time-consuming task.  A Place at Home’s Senior Living Alternatives program is a free to the client, personalized service that helps seniors and families identify the senior care community that fits their needs–whether it’s independent, assisted, memory, or long term care.

By contracting with senior communities in the area, the program is a positive revenue generating service in that the senior communities pay a portion of the first month’s rent to A Place at Home. This service is a win-win for both the senior and the senior care communities in that seniors find a new home and the senior community finds a new resident.


Completing the continuum of care model is the A Place at Home Staffing service.  A fully staffed office or community is critical to the overall care of the patients or residents and to the proper functioning of a facility. Our service provides CNAs and CMAs to senior communities and health offices to fill in when there are staff shortages for short-term or long-term needs.  The availability of a certified staff member to step in and understand how to care for clients, be it checking vitals, running medication carts, clothing or bedding changes, dementia care, or bathing, gives peace of mind to families and the facility managers.

This service is not only an excellent source of revenue, it also fosters referral relationships for future client needs and services. In addition, it creates an opportunity for staff retention by offering varying shifts for caregivers that might not be available with our other services. And, some contracts include hiring fees should a facility decide to hire one of our caregivers to work full-time.

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